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Subways Music

The music and the musicians

All pieces are written for solo instruments – guitar, piano, cello, clarinet, flute, except for a flute & cello duet.

All six compositions were recorded live: the first in the Amphitheatre of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and the other five at the Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes. The performers are Panagiotis Gogos (piano), Giorgos Kavasilas (guitar), Angelos Liakakis (cello), Vivi Papaioannou (flute) and Manousos Ploumidis (clarinet).

Note of the Georgios Vranos, Art Director of the Thessaloniki State Orchestra.:

Six interesting musical creations are here to enrich the repertoire of contemporary Greek musical works. These compositional activities that organize their musical material through the music language of the 20th century are offered to music lovers by composers Sotiris Despotis and his pupil Savvas Karantzias. The works were created for solo instruments, excluding the last one, and are interpreted in a virtuosic manner by five young distinguished artists. These compositional proposals consist of successful treatments of their musical elements and invite us to embark on a journey to seek out new musical space-times, where the sound meets the place and the human element the transformation of the vulnerable into the eternal. I congratulate those involved in this endeavor which emphasizes that Greek musical creation continues to move forward within the process of the musical firmament and I look forward to their next creations.

Georgios Vranos
Artistic Director T.S.S.O. (Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra)
Assistant Professor
Department of Music Science and Art
University of Macedonia

Production: Subways Music – Sophocles Sapounas
The mixing took place in “Studio Art” on the island of Rhodes
Sound engineering, mixing and digital mastering: Theofanis Georgiadis
Cover art: Antis Ioannidis
Graphic editing: Chrysa Theocharidou
Translation: Alexander S. Iliadis

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Ray Records

RRCD 05-21

СD 1

Savvas Karantzias

Theophanes the Greek, an oratorio for reciter, soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2018)

1          Reciter: “The waves that Theophanes brought you…”          1.49                

2          Introduction. Delicato, cantabile        7.52

3          Reciter: Life of Theophanes the Greek          2.15

4          Soprano: “When I saw the embodiment of hum…” (lyrics by Arseny Tarkovsky, trans. and  edited by Linos Ioannidis and Alexandra Vyatkina) 12.08

5          Reciter: Gymn to Theophanes the Greek by Epiphanius the Wise    2.01

6          Chorus: “Tabor in favor of all the glorious land…”  11.45

7          Reciter: Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek   3.00

8          Chorus: “On the Mountain You were Transfigured, O Christ God…”            6.06

Total time: 47.01

Alexei Puzakov, reciter

Anna Polovinkina, soprano

The Moscow Synodal Choir

The Choir of the Moscow Epiphany Cathedral at Yelokhovo

The Youth Synodal Choir

Voce Anima Orchestra

Conductor – Mikhail Kotelnikov

CD 2

Savvas Karantzias

Andrei Rublev, an oratorio for reciter, soloists, mixed choir and orchestra (2019)

Words by 

1          Reciter: “Now the Lord appeared to Abraham by the terebinth trees of Mamre…”      1.03

2          Chorus: “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me…”    15.56

3          Reciter: “The Holy Trinity. Three hypostases! The one God!”         1.51

4          Tenor: “Noise echoes around…”       15.38

5          Reciter: “When your light heels me the Holy Trinity…”      1.56

6          Bass: “The winds of the afflicted world…”   14.06

7          Reciter: “People strive for self-knowledge…”          00.41

8          Chorus: “The Father the Pantocrator…”        5.20

Total time: 56.35

Alexei Puzakov, reciter

Anna Polovinkina, soprano

Ivan Shcherbatykh, bass

The Moscow Synodal Choir

The Choir of the Moscow Epiphany Cathedral at Yelokhovo

The Youth Synodal Choir

Voce Anima Orchestra

Conductor – Mikhail Kotelnikov

Recorded live in Grand Hall of the Zaryadye Concert Hall on October 15, 2020

Sound engineer – Pavel Lavrenenkov

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Ars Artis

A one of a kind musical tribute to the great religious iconographer

The musical work ”THEOPHANES the GREEK” is an original musical composition from Savvas Karatzias written for a mixed choir and chamber orchestra.

A musical pilgrimage that follows and reflects in sounds the life of Russian iconography founder Theophanes who was also the teacher of the most important Russian iconographer (Saint) Andrei Rublev.

Musical Composition: Savvas Karantzias
Contuctor: Michael Kotelnikov
Music Properation – Narrator: Alexey Puzakov
Moscow Synodal Choir
Voce Anima Orchestra
Piano: Panagiotis Gogos
Soprano: Anna Polovinkina
Perfomance and editing of texts in the poem
”Theophanes” by Andrei Tarkovsky:
Linos Ioannidis and Alexandra Viatkina
Production: Ars Artis
Live recording at Tretyakov Gallery Moscow
Cover art: Chrysanthos Antoniou
Graphic editing: Chrysanthos Antoniou.

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